In 2011 Fruitmasters decided to divest its subsidiary Ready Fruit Hedel because the company no longer fit within the strategy of Fruitmasters. Ready Fruit is a producer of fresh fruit salads and supplies both the Retail and the out of home market.

We have opted for Rembrandt to guide us in this process because of the good reputation that Rembrandt has both in food & agri business as in the purchase and sale of businesses of this type of scale. Rembrandt has a lot of business experience in SMEs and therefore have the appropriate knowledge and expertise to advise adequately in this type of processes.

Before we started the sales process, we had the impression that Chiquita might be interested for the purchase of this company. j. In the end, Chiquita also revealed the most appropriate party to acquire Ready Fruit. After an intensive process of negotiations, due diligence and drafting of legal documentation, we have transferred the business in 2012 to Chiquita. Rembrandt overall coordination had in this process and the process completed successfully with a team of, inter alia, our employees and lawyers. Here Rembrandt employees relieved maximum, so that the daily business continued unhindered.

We are very pleased with the outcome of the sales process. The targets have been surpassed thanks to the efforts of the persons concerned by Rembrandt.