Hukra is a leading exporter of cut flowers. With approximately 50 employees are cut flowers exported to eight countries.
Hukra was founded in 1982 and acquired in 1992 by Interflora AB (Sweden). Interflora was founded in 1923 and supports its members who operate mainly flower shops (called members / cooperative). These flower shops are part of Interflora's 'Interflora' network. Interflora delivers worldwide in 140 countries with approximately 40,000 flower shops.
In May 2011 Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions were asked by Johan Mansson to guide him through the management buyout at Hukra.

Johan MÃ¥nsson has since 1992 worked at and director of Hukra since 2000.

"Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions has ensured a good balance between a long-cherished desire to take over Hukra (emotion) and make good business arrangements with the seller (ratio). It was also important to include in addition to the purchase agreement a good cooperation draw, because Interflora a major customer of Hukra. it was a process of ups and downs, but fortunately kept the team at Rembrandt F & O a cool head and she always came up with good solutions. I only realized me afterwards how important it is that you choose a counselor with lots of experience. "