Pinlock Group

Herman de Boer and Derek Arnold took half of the shares in Pinlock Group in 2004 and in 2006 she took the remaining 50%. There are several exploratory talks with Rembrandt F & D conducted in which various sale options have been considered and which is considered a sale to a strategic partner, selling to an MBO team and sales to an MBI there. Eventually it became clear that Herman de Boer wanted to put the company independently by acquiring Derek Arnold shares.

Pinlock Group is the world's largest provider of proprietary anti-fog lenses. The company has strong R & D oriented and with a number of production partners provides Pinlock worldwide (Europe, Asia and United States) its products to distributors and producers.

The anti-fog Pinlock lenses are a common phenomenon, particularly among motorcyclists. An anti-fog lens is placed on the inside of the visor of a helmet and prevents it comprises from rain and temperature variations. In addition, the anti-fog lenses are increasingly sold in other markets than the motorcycle market, as in sports, industry and force. This relates to applications in eg goggles, safety glasses and helmets of the police or armed forces.

"Rembrandt played an excellent flexible and coordinating role in achieving this transaction by buying out Derek Arnold and arranging financing. The knowledge, experience and tremendous flexibility of Rembrandt in this kind of processes has played a major role in the design, structuring and successful completion of this transaction. I'm glad we opted for Rembrandt F & O and recommend them to anyone in such matters. "