Ruijs Visual Computing B.V.

Ruijs Visual Computing BV reserves for 23 years engaged in digital image processing and is fully focused on products and services for hospitals and pathology laboratories for a long time. In late March 2014, Main Capital Partners together with the management of 100% of the shares of Ronald Ruijs.

In 1991 I founded RVC and we started to develop a software package that could be archived images quickly and easily. In 2003 we will focus on the development of a central system for the storage of images within the hospital. Clinical Assistant with our product, we offer a solution for image storage and workflow solutions to support the primary processes of hospitals. In the course of the years, Clinical Assistant grown to a hospital-wide solution which is at more than 35 different departments of hospitals in use.

I led the company with great pleasure over the years. Because of my technical background and the rapid growth of RVC I had the desire to transfer the role and responsibilities as a shareholder and to organize my work and life balance differently. So I got in touch via Rabobank Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions.

Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions played a decisive role in selling my business at Main Capital Partners and management. The knowledge and experience of Rembrandt has led this process to a flexible and highly successful conclusion. I was also not without Rembrandt ended up with a partner like Main Capital Partners.