Jan-Willem Ditters

About Jan-Willem

Jan-Willem Ditters studied business economics at the State University of Groningen. At the end of 1996 he started at Walgemoed Corporate Finance as an advisor, where he transferred to BDO Corporate Finance at the beginning of 2000. In 2001 he left for two years to work at BDO Stoy Hayward in London, England. As a M&A manager he further specialized in cross-border transactions. After returning to the Netherlands he was hired on by Rembrandt F&O as a project manager.

Jan-Willem has extensive expertise in the area of appraisals, complex acquisition finance, financial modeling and international transactions. Thanks to his strong affinity for automation he has also worked on a number of ICT sector transactions. As an M&A advisor he was involved in a significant number of transactions.

Jan-Willem about Rembrandt

I have been interested in the financial world as long as I can remember. Via my graduate internship I ended up in the merger and acquisition world, with research into the risk factors that affect the pricing structure of companies that are not quoted on the stock exchange. This is where my passion for this field came into being. In my work I have continued to develop my specialties for appraisals and complex acquisition finance.

I lived and worked in London for two years. My choice of England was a conscious one because the M&A practise is strongly developed there in a highly competitive market. In addition, there I could further specialize in cross-border transactions and transactions with holding companies. The things I missed most when I was abroad were my friends back home and the tennis competition in Amstel Park.

I chose for Rembrandt F&O because I am convinced that I can best serve the interests of my clients at a flexible and independent organization. Our team not only strives for continued improvement but truly works on achieving this improvement. We even developed a database system ourselves that store all figures and variables of past valuations, which is then available to us for each new valuation. This not only makes us more efficient but also gives our valuations a better foundation.