The Rabobank Group and Rembrandt M&A have joined forces to fulfil their shared ambition to be a strong partner for entrepreneurs and family businesses with merger or acquisition plans. The proven working method of Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions aligns perfectly with the mission of Rabobank group.

Benefits for our clients

The alliance with Rabobank offers you as a client a range of advantages:

  • direct access to the vast national and international network of Rabobank and their clients
  • direct access to the extensive research and market intelligence that is available at Rabobank
  • increased focus on our field of specialty

As a customer of the Rabobank, the alliance ensures that you will be assisted by a team of experienced professionals, with a tailored approach for owner-managers, that has proven to be successful on many occasions.

Your interest is our starting point

We are both convinced that a strong alliance should always have the best solution for you as its main objective. This is why comprehensible arrangements have been put in place, that warrants the independent position of Rembrandt M&A. Information that Rembrandt M&A receives from you in the course of the process will not be made available to Rabobank or any other third party, without your prior consent. Your bank shall not provide us any information without your prior consent.