Divestment of Bosch en Bosch tekstschrijvers & Vertalers B.V.

Tadema & Van der Weert Vertalingen has acquired 100% of the shares of Bosch & Bosch Translation and Copy. Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions has assisted Bosch & Bosch in the sale of the shares.

Both Tadema & Van der Weert (www.tw-vertalingen.com) and Bosch & Bosch (www.boschbosch.nl) are active as translators in the financial, fiscal and banking sector. Both parties provide translation for the most important documents of large accountancy firms, banks and companies. With the acquisition of Bosch & Bosch, Tadema & Van der Weert increases the scale of the company which enables them to increase the level of their services even more.

For more information, see: www.tw-vertalingen.com en www.boschbosch.nl