Management buy-out of Bouwcenters Centen and Van Hoppe

Mr. Ahout, Managing Director of both Bouwcenter Centen and Bouwcenter Van Hoppe, has acquired 100% of the shares in Centen Bouwmaterialen B.V. and Van Hoppe Bouwmaterialen B.V. through a management buy-out. Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions has assisted Mr. Ahout in realizing this management buy-out.

Mr. Ahout has been managing director of both Bouwcenters for 22 years now. Since Hurks Group, the former owner of the Bouwcenters wants to focus on the development of buildings and real estate, Mr. Ahout had the opportunity to expand his entrepreneurship even further.

Bouwcenter Centen and Bouwcenter Van Hoppe
Bouwcenter Centen and Bouwcenter Van Hoppe, located in Wanroij and Eersel, are both wholesalers of building materials and construction related items. They aim at sales to construction companies, freelancers and private individuals.

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