Divestment of Kranendonk to Capyman Engley Industrial

Cayman Engley Industrial acquired part of the shares in Kranendonk Beheersmaatschappij. This transaction allows Kranendonk to enter the fast-growing Chinese market. The team of Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions assisted the seller in realizing this transaction.

The current generation of robot programming tools are time consuming, so most robots are exclusively used for repetitive processes. However in an increasing number of industries non-repetitive processes need to be executed with high speed and a high degree of accuracy. Robot applications can play an excellent role in such processes. Kranendonk’s in-house developed unique and unrivalled software tools for non-repetitive robotic cutting and welding are able to automatically generate robot programs directly from a cad design – to up to 8 times faster than the robot can execute the program. As a system integrator, the company supplies complete turn-key solutions in the shipbuilding and steel construction industries. More information is available at: www.kranendonk.com

Cayman Engley Industrial
Cayman Engley is a Chinese-Taiwanese listed company engaged in the development and manufacturing of automobile parts. This transaction allows Engley to expand overseas, to further automate the production lines and to enter the automation industry. More information is available at: www.engley.com.
Divestment of Kranendonk to Capyman Engley Industrial

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