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The core of our services is assisting our clients with acquisitions and disposals of companies. When acquiring or selling a business, you will encounter both financial and emotional aspects. And with different parties comes a variety of interests. We have experienced this process in all its variations already several hundred times. We are aware of potential pitfalls and bottlenecks in order to help you avoid critical mistakes.

For each type of transaction we offer you a clear and well-structured approach throughout the whole process. We make sure that you always know what is coming next and that you are prepared for the decisions you must take.

Our approach in valuation is very efficient and we will assist you at the difficult stage of the negotiations. When necessary, we assist you to obtain suitable debt finance or equity capital at the best available conditions.

Our working method and experience have proven to be also effective at financial restructuring of companies. Sometimes in realising a viable restart or sometimes to the contrary in making sure that a troublesome insolvency can be prevented. Recapitalising or divestment of certain activities of can be part of this company rejuvenation.



A valuation is almost always part of an M&A transaction process. A valuation forms the basis of the negotiations and the pricing of the company in question. The valuation exercise can be executed on behalf of the acquirer or seller, in an ...

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Pre-exit (also: Leveraged Owner Buy Out of LOBO) offers you the possibility of, well before your retirement or anticipated divestment of our organization, monetizing a substantial part (up to 80%) of the value of your company whilst continuing your ...

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Smart Exit

Smart Exit offers you the possibility to liquidate a significant part (70-80%) of the value of your company at an early stage and still be able to continue your business. Together with a select group of informal investors, you can continue to work ...

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With an acquisition, raising suitable finance can be an important part of the process. Funding can either be debt finance, or if necessary a combination of debt finance and equity capital from either a private equity partner or informal ...

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Financial restructuring

In times of economic downturn we often see that healthy companies also can encounter difficult situations. Quick and decisive action is than of utmost importance. Facing reality is often the first step towards a solution. Clear perception Our ...

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