Financial restructuring

In times of economic downturn we often see that healthy companies also can encounter difficult situations. Quick and decisive action is than of utmost importance. Facing reality is often the first step towards a solution.

Clear perception

Our approach begins with the creation of a clear financial perception of the situation. How is the equity capital being construed? What are the costs of debt? Which activities generate cash and which activities lose cash? What are the cash flows, the cash requirements and earnings capacity? Our expertise, experience and our sophisticated valuation tools enables us to quickly and efficiently draw a picture of the financial situation.

Creative solutions

A clear perception of the financial structure provides the starting point for researching a variety of solutions. Creativity is an important aspect of that research. Recapitalisations, renegotiating loan maturity, closure or divestment of certain company segments, cooperation within the industry column or (temporary) downsizing can all be part of the solution. The consequences of every option is being detailed and compared with the expectations and possibilities of the owner-manager.

Resultdriven execution

Once the choice has been made, quick execution is required to achieve desired results. Our network and expertise can be used to search for potential acquirers, to negotiate with financiers and to convince parties of the feasibility of the plans based on thorough financial analysis.

Pragmatic approach

Our service "Financial Restructuring" is developed out of our successful experiences form our M&A practice, like advising MBO teams in recovery situations. In these situations it often showed that significant potential remained untapped in companies who experienced difficult times to meet with the situation. Denial and deferment of implementing solutions often proves to be the ultimate cause of bankruptcy.

Why Rembrandt?

We have capacity, knowledge and experience to quickly execute necessary financial analysis. In addition we have the experience to assist owner-managers in highly emotional transactions. Finally, we have the network, the abilities and the dedication to help turn plans into tangible solutions and results.

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