Entrepreneurs who want to secure part of their business assets and investors who are looking for investment opportunities. Smart Exit brings them together.

Smart Exit offers you the possibility to liquidate a significant part (70-80%) of the value of your company at an early stage and still be able to continue your business. Together with a select group of informal investors, you can continue to work on your plans with financial peace of mind. If desired, management members can also participate in your Smart Exit. After a predetermined period of time, you have the opportunity to buy back the investors' shares, for example because succession within the family has become possible, or the company is sold to an external party. The biggest difference with a pre-exit is that with a Smart Exit you keep more control over your company. Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions has an extensive network of informal investors.

The smart benefits

For entrepreneurs

Sell part of your business while continuing to be active as an entrepreneur and secure more than 70% of your business assets at an early stage.

Smart asset management

Profit from your business’ success early on

Remain in control of your own company

For investors

Invest in companies with a proven track record and clear agreements.

Invest directly in other companies

Clearly defined returns and conditions

Invest together with other entrepreneurs


Would you like to capitalise on your success as an entrepreneur and continue to do business as usual? Contact our Smart Exit specialists Ferdi Kramer or Wilbert van Gerwen.

Smart Exit. A smart move into the future.