Privacy statement

Integrity and respect are the most important values to which Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions adheres in its business dealings. Rembrandt M&A considers the interests of its clients as its starting point and key objective. We want to create value by, among other things, offering the best possible services that our clients consider suitable. We believe it is important for clients to experience and recognize this value in:

  • Integrity: acting in a manner that is consistent with the company's stated purpose
  • Respect: dealing with clients so that they experience the respect of Rembrandt M&A and Rabobank
  1. Rembrandt M&A is bound by the General Data Protection Regulation
  2. Rembrandt M&A will only use your personal data in order to be able to provide the best possible advice about our products and services. Your personal data may be provided to other divisions of the Rabobank Group, whereby your personal data may be used in order to advise the persons in question in the best possible manner about products and services as well as for preventing, detecting and combating fraud and money laundering. Rabo Securities and the Rabobank Group maintain very high standards of care when processing personal data.
  3. Rembrandt M&A and the Rabobank Group will be very careful when processing your personal data. They will only use the data that are necessary for optimal service provision. To the extent that it is not mandated by law or by obligations that Rembrandt M&A has entered into towards you, no personal data will be provided to third parties without your permission.
  4. You may review your personal data and have these data corrected in the event of inaccuracies. You may request an overview of your personal data from Rembrandt M&A in writing.